Relink the broken thread

It was with immense pride and an equal sense of responsibility that I participated, from 19 to 21 February, in Madrid, at the Founding Congress of the International Revolutionary Left.

After 23 years in the ranks of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), it was difficult for me to witness the collapse of this organization, divided into a clique struggle in which both parts renege on the historic legacy on which the organization was based.

Between, on the one hand, an International Secretariat that has abandoned democratic centralism and which, by characterizing the working class as lacking “socialist conscience”, demonstrates that it has lost confidence in the workers and, on the other hand, a majority of the International Executive Committee that is a federation of interests in which various orientations coexist, including the most blatant opportunism, there is nothing in the current CIT to help the proletariat fulfill its historic task of overthrowing capitalism and building a Socialist World.

Both sides vying for the CIT’s legacy have rejected the conclusions of the 2017 Extraordinary Congress of Barcelona and launch into unprincipled combat, as demonstrated ins last period by the expulsion of supporters of the majority of the International Executive Committee in Extraordinary Congress of the England and Wales section and the IS majority faction and a set up of a Alternative CWI by the majority of CWI’s IEC.

The revolutionary thread was broken when, at a time when the instinct and determination of the workers to fight for their interests grew, at a time when in several countries, from Honduras to Algeria, from Mexico to Sudan, from China to the USA, the masses struggle against exploitation and oppression, recovering the traditional methods of the workers’ struggle, and some sectors of these movements draw correct conclusions as to how to move forward, both of which are torn apart in the CIT accept, as a background, the problem of lack of class consciousness.

There are “revolutionaries” who are looking for a working class full of socialist and bacteriologically pure conscience because they resign from their responsibilities to present a clear program, a method of class work, to build a militant organization with a collective leadership perfectly integrated into an International Revolutionary Party that help workers everywhere become class conscious and draw the necessary conclusions to advance the struggle.In a word, these “revolutionaries” abandon the Revolution and embrace reformism.

As history teaches us, those who no longer trusted the class began to blame it of lack of conscience and belittle the need for unified revolutionary parties in a World Party: examples of this are the leadership of the II International, stalinism, mandelism and today, unfortunately, the directorates of the two wings of the CIT.

Except, as was said during the resistance to fascism in Portugal, as the working class always reacted to the betrayal of its leaders, “There is always someone who resists.”

Those who seek to rewind the story are usually accused of sectarianism and ultra-leftism, and the rule has not been evaded now either.

However, not being intimidated by either the historic authority of a bureaucratic and reformist International Secretariat, or the confusion and liquidationism of the shortcuts, the former sections of the Spanish state, Mexico, Venezuela and Portugal, and a group of activists from Germany took over the task of rebuilding an international revolutionary organization, the International Revolutionary Left.

As we are, of revolution and counter-revolution, on the brink of a new global crisis of Capitalism and gigantic class clashes, the constitution of the International Revolutionary Left is a fundamental contribution to the growing and acute class struggle with the prospect of defeat. of capitalism and the building of a socialist world.

Long live the World Working Class!
Long live the International Revolutionary Left!
Long live Socialism!

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